Building a Better Education for Georgia Kids

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Since 2015, we've been helping eligible Pre-K through 12th grade students gain access to better educational opportunities by attending the Georgia private school of their choice.

Offsetting tuition costs for qualified families.
Dollar-for-dollar tax credit for contributors.

Encouraging Education in Georgia

A Georgia Corporation
The Alyn Scholarship Fund (ASF) is a recognized corporation by the State of Georgia and maintains annual filing requirements to remain in good standing as such.

The Alyn Scholarship Fund (ASF) is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization by the IRS.  All contributions made to ASF are considered tax-deductible, charitable contributions.

ASF's Federal ID # is: 46-2082203. 

Student Scholarship Organization
The Alyn Scholarship Fund (ASF) has met all of the requirements and is recognized as an approved Student Scholarship Organization (SSO) by the Georgia Department of Education.  ASF maintains annual reporting and filing requirements to remain in good standing as such.
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Don’t miss the 2024 Tax Credit Program

Redirect your state income taxes to help fund scholarships for Georgia students and receive a dollar-for-dollar, state tax credit.

Each January, this program opens on the first day of business with a statewide cap of $120 million. Once the cap is reached, no further contribution requests are approved.

In 2023, the cap was reached on the first day! 

It's Your Money. Your Choice.

School Choice

The Alyn Scholarship Fund helps to make private school a financially viable option for many families. Through your contributions, parents can provide their children with an educational environment that best suits their needs.

Taxpayer Choice

Georgia taxpayers have the unique opportunity to choose how a portion of their state taxes are to be utilized. Through the Education Tax Credit Program, taxpayers can now direct some of their taxes to be used to help families afford a private education.

Scholarship Choice

Through the Alyn Scholarship Fund, parents have a unique choice among SSOs. There are two methods of which to apply for scholarship funds: through the school's financial aid process or directly through the Alyn Scholarship Fund.

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