Making a Contribution as an Individual

Funding scholarships for families in Georgia's private schools.

You Can Make a Big Impact on A Child's Education

When you contribute through the Education Tax Credit Program, your contributions help fund scholarships for Georgia students and you receive a dollar-for-dollar, state income tax credit. This program opens on the first day of business in January with a statewide cap of $120 million. Once the cap is reached, no further donation requests are approved.

Individuals can give up to $2,500.

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How It Works

Education Tax Credit
In 2008, Georgia’s lawmakers passed HB 1133, the Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit law, to give parents and students better access to more educational opportunities. The fund now has an annual donation limit of $120 million and since its inception, Georgia taxpayers and business have contributed over $1 billion. Whether you're an individual filer, married filing separate, or married filing jointly, you can contribute to ASF through this tax credit.
Federal Tax Deduction

Taxpayers who itemize their deductions may also be able to take a charitable deduction on the federal income tax return for the amount contributed to the Alyn Scholarship Fund. This is in addition to the tax credit they receive for their Georgia income taxes. We highly recommend consulting with your tax advisor(s) to provide the proper guidance in this process.

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Individual - Up to $2,500

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Undesignated (The ASF Board of Directors will select deserving school(s) or student(s).